My intentions as a consultant for YOUR organisation will be to firstly create an environment to listen and understand your particular topic and views without judgement or bias.

Steve Girling Consultancy Headshot

My consultancy services

I am a passionate and driven individual who understands that creating change can have its challenges. But with a balanced, well thought and collaborative approach it can be made much easier.

I will bring a deep insight into processes and human behaviour along with a keen eye for detail. Allowing me to explore all views and provide solutions.

Building on my blend of lived experience and professional expertise I provide consultancy service for:

Organisations within and across the Criminal Justice System.

Organisations working across the Gambling Industry, from Operators to organisations providing support such as Education, Awareness and Treatment.

Public Speaking

We are all the experts of our own experiences but why would I want to share mine and why would you want to listen? Sharing a personal story requires one to share vulnerabilities in the most public way; telling a story about what has been a taboo to speak about, especially so with Gambling, Mental Health and Prison.

By sharing my own personal experience I want to enrich the audience’s understanding of the topic.

Helping reduce stigma and encourage people listening to seek support if they are facing similar issues or know someone who is. Topics included Gambling, Mental Health and the Criminal Justice System

Work Experience

Lived Experience